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... *growl*

Did I scare ya?

10 January
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...Hello. Well,how are you doing?

Melisse isn't my real name;it's one of my made-up character's name. It's a purdy name,isn't it?

Would my journal entries and interests describe me good enough? Clearly,I'm no good at introducing myself. I'll work on this later. Meanwhile,go look at my quiz results n' junk!

What the guys from Full Metal Alchemist think of you... by Sheatana
Alchemist? if yes what type
Favorite color
Roy MustangThinks you look good in a mini-skirt
Ed Elricthinks that you have a crush on his brother
Al Elricloves you
Scardoesn't care
Furher Bradleydoesn't know you
Brig General Granhates you
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I adopted jealous Ed! :D
Now back off or get your own!

I adopted Ed, Al and a random butterfly! :D
Now back off or get your own!

Just SO funny!!!
You are the nonsense friend...you are happy, crazy
and a disaster...You're a really good friend
but kinda dumb, well, you're funny and cute and
that's what makes people like you...

What kind of friend are you?(anime pics)
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