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... *growl*
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in Melisse's LiveJournal:

Sunday, October 16th, 2005
1:58 pm
Meh... I'm feel so much better now. I should do some drawing. Oh yeah and one more thing.....I am trapped in my own world now,therefore don't bother me! :p *skitters off*

Current Mood: chipper/weird
10:48 am
You know what *is* amusing though. The nicknames I give to Al is that Alphie(from that movie Alphie) and the Fonze(that cool guy from the show Happy Days) are both chick magnets. Then you got Alphonse Elric... X3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Current Mood: crushed
10:46 am
The worst part of a anime character obsession is that the girl/guy you're in love with is not real! T^T I'm becoming so attached to Alphy(another fun nickname I like to use ^^) it's not funny! I really need to chill out,but I can't! When I came home from church this morning(my parents when out to lunch,therefore I'm home alone),the words "Alphonse,I love you! I love you!" slipped out of my mouth. I don't mean to sound like a rabid fangirl or anything...I just need to know how to fight off this angst and find peace again...

Current Mood: crushed
Friday, October 14th, 2005
8:01 pm
How bored can you get? I'm afraid this enrty will be short and pointless...

Nothing new happened today and yesterday. I'm am so bored. I should do something productive or watch the shows I taped this week(including FullMetal Alchemist~!).

*pokes at the fm_rating community* =/

Current Mood: restless
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
8:12 pm
my wonderous quotes...
Quote: "The color or pattern of your underwear doesn't determine your fate." -Me

Current Mood: refreshed
5:07 pm
What's that smell?
Time for...funny thoughts with FMA!

(Ed and Al are sleeping peacefully at an inn,until Ed experiences a sensational scent)

Ed: Woah! (sits up straight in his bed) What's that smell?

Al:(sits up in his bed also) That's the smell of Pine-Sol,brother. (goes back to sleep)

Ed: Ohhh...(lays down to go to sleep)

:p This was based off of those rare,amusing Pine-Sol commercials. People who haven't these commercials might not get the joke.

Anyways,I'm afraid I can't comment on LJ. Another effect of Javascript-no-workie,no? Atleast my mom's gonna' call someone who is good with computers. So when I don't comment,it *doesn't* mean I not interested in talking to you,okay?

Current Mood: distracted
Monday, October 10th, 2005
3:54 pm
Right now,I'm working on a scrapbooking project for art. In one of the photo albums,I found my ticket,autographs,and my I.D. from my school concert last year. And I thought I lost my I.D. Lol,mom stole it and hid it. :p

I'm glad I got this scrapbooking kit also,or I would be cutting consctruction paper n' other stuff for hours...

Heeeee...I came up with another cute FMA scene in my head. But I'll have to tell later.

Current Mood: working
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
4:48 pm
When is Naruto on?
Lol, a Naruto Halloween safety pin. ^_^ And there's keychains,like OMG!! :D *goes back to drawing*

Current Mood: bored
Saturday, October 8th, 2005
5:18 pm
test entry

Okay,this will have to do for now. Anyways,behold! "Tea pot" Phonsee! ^_^ <3 <3 <3 Made with my craptastic Paint program... e_e

Yeah,I love the Phonse(Alphonse). <3 Let's see if the next ones will work...

I wonder if I'll get rich selling these "items". Lol... *shudders at the thought of fangirls* x_x

Hmmm...an Al safari? *pokes the communtiy*

Current Mood: giddy
2:49 pm
That's all I ever felt today was "blah...". I miss Shaman King on Saturday mornings. I should look to see if there is any DVDs or merchandise available.

On Saturday nights,though,there's always a show to watch. Zatch Bell,Naruto,FullMetal Alchemist(Phonsie!!! <3),it's like a highlight of every week. Speaking of Phonsie(Alphonse),I made a weird,but amusing drawing of him. Too bad I don't have a scanner. I can probably make it with my crappy paint program(the pain...). Oh,yes and there's the color as well! Awww dang...I'll see what I can do. <=3

Current Mood: okay
Thursday, October 6th, 2005
5:06 pm
Will this work??
I'm not sure. You see,my dad did something with the javascript thing(or whatever) and now it doesn't work.And I'm suffering from the results of Javascript-no-workie. I can't watch flash videos,view certain images,use certain options,and so on...

Does this suck or what? I assume you're wondering:"What does Javascript have to do with LiveJournal?" I don't know,but when I tried to login into my previous LJ account,there was no login button to click. Would this be a LJ bug or an effect from Javascript-no-workie? =/ This computer is crap. I know it's a family computer(I have yet to get my own) and all,although my dad didn't choose the best software and stuff for it. Maybe god doesn't want me to use a computer.

Anyways,I'm going to use the "never log-out" option for as long as I can. Will it work out? Don't ask me...

Current Mood: curious
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